Thursday, May 23, 2013

Break (and fix) Time!

I survived my crazy semester, and now I have two weeks off before summer classes start!

The first task on my to-do list was to fix my laptop, which had been broken since we went to Boston for the AWP conference.

Have you ever unscrewed all the tiny screws in your computer, taken off the keyboard, unplugged little plugs with little wires, replaced a weird looking piece of something you've never seen before, put it all back together, and then watched your computer actually turn on? It's terrifying, and fascinating, and empowering! Who needs a computer specialist when you have the internet (and a genius gnome)?

Anyway, I know I haven't posted much this last semester, so I made a short animated video to give you an idea of what we've been up to.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Joe ran Bloomsday today, along with 50,000 others. Here he is before the 7.5-mile run!

Cedric couldn't resist joining in.

I watched the race from my friend's front yard (someone has to take the pictures). It started light, with the elite runners.

The elite wheelchair racers.

The elite women racers.

Here they come!

Like last year, we saw a lot of bright and interesting outfits/costumes: two bananas, Mario and Luigi, two gorillas (how do you run 7.5 miles in a gorilla suit?), tons of tutus, Dorothy with red sparkly tennis-shoes, and two Waldos (THERE'S WALDO!), a pack of bumble-bees, the Power Rangers, and several sombreros.  A couple of ladies even jingled by with belly-dancing belts. 

And there was one tiny dog with his own race number. 

Cedric didn't even break a sweat.

 Joe was happy with his finishing time. I was unhappy that the moment he ran by my camera's memory card decided to be full. Oh well!

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