Saturday, June 28, 2014

So Much Michigan

Last weekend, we drove to Michigan for a wedding, camping one night in the mosquito-filled Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and camping three more nights in the adorable Petoskey, Michigan.

It rained a lot, but that made for some pretty travelling.

I still haven't gone through all of the photos--somehow I took over 300.

We did see a lot of deer on our misty morning drive through northern Wisconsin.

Thankfully, when we returned, our flowers were still alive. Good thing we bought succulents.

We added a bird bath in hopes of attracting more visitors, but I haven't seen a single bird stop by.

Joe's back to work, and I'm getting ready to fly back to Michigan on Monday for an interview. This will be the third visit in a month. Are you sick of me yet, Michigan?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bike Views

Look what's happening out on our balcony. Color! Life! We didn't have any personal outdoor space in Spokane, and now that have this tiny rectangle, it's hard not to overload it with flowers, fruits, and veggies. I made myself be reasonable and allowed just one pot of flowers. 

Last night Joe and I finally hit a bike trail together. It's the first time since we've moved to Minnesota. 

We meandered through the curves and small hills of the Bunker Hills Regional Park trails.

We just started when we ran into this big ol' guy hobbling down the bike path.

One woman had a small dog on a leash, and as we turned the corner, I thought she had a second dog off a leash. Turns out it was just the biggest turtle I've ever seen. 

Here he is slowly making his way across the bike path, claws scraping loudly against the ground.

I love those chunky back legs. Eventually we stopped gawking and moved on.

The path took us over Bunker Hill Lake, which is really more of a wetland.

There was still plenty of water to move the suspended path as we crossed it--creepy.

Evening is really the best time for a bike ride.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Quick Trip

It has somehow already been a week since we came back from Michigan. Then again, we were only there for three days. Since we were there for such a short time, cramming in as much as we could, I left the camera at home. But there are always phone pics taken out of boredom in the car:

The way home, through Chicago and Wisconsin, isn't as continuously pretty as crossing the UP next to Lake Superior, but there are still some sights that surprise us. I love all the fields, in some places rolling and dotted with cattle, in other places flat and full of wildflowers. And at a few points in Wisconsin there will be a moment when you'll turn a corner and come across these massive rock walls. 

We didn't wan't to say it until it had happened for sure, but for the first time ever, we made it through   Chicago without getting stuck in traffic.

Nothing says summer road-trip like a bug-splattered windshield. 
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