Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

When I got home this evening, Joe was sitting in the dark. He had forgotten about trick-or-treaters and was trying to pretend like no one was home.

We dressed up last weekend, so tonight we just went out to dinner as our normal selves.

Last Saturday Joe was P'Trique. If you haven't seen his videos, you should check them out. Here is Joe's version:

 So chic! He had a good time reciting P'Trique's catch-phrases all evening. And I think he really enjoyed dramatically swishing his hair from side to side.

And I--stop now if you're not into creepy--was Reagan from The Exorcist.

 Close up?


As I was putting on my makeup, Joe kept walking by the bathroom and gasping. Later I was trying to have a regular conversation with him, and he couldn't even look at me. 

Luckily for the people at the party, the make-up faded throughout the evening. 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Today was a chilly 45 degree day, but while Joe was at work, his mom and I drove thirty minutes north from Spokane to Greenbluff, a collection of hilly farms and orchards.

Even though there aren't a ton of colors here, we agreed the beauty is in the contrast of things.  

There's Mount Spokane with some snow on it.

Marta was excited to see the apples since poor Michigan has none this year after a rough spring of crazy temperature changes.

Here are a couple friends we made. These rams really liked to ram things.

And here's another picture of Marta with what she decided must have been some ancient gynecological contraption. Ouch.

We decided you could spend an entire day up there, driving from one farm to the next, buying fruit and veggies and eggs and wine and sauces and jams and--gasp--cheesecake!

Too bad Cedric took so long picking out his apples.

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Last Wednesday, we woke up and drove to the airport to pick up our visitor: Joe's mom!

Since then, time has really gotten away from us. We've been eating, and sight-seeing, and going to Joe's graduate student reading.

Today we drove out to EWU's main campus:

People back in Michigan are asking Joe's mom what the fall foliage looks like here.

"Brown," she says.  

 So I was excited to see this guy:

Tonight we ate dinner at a newish restaurant we've been wanting to try for months. It comes from the same owners as Madeleine's, an adorable and delicious French cafe downtown.

So we drove to the South Perry district, a little neighborhood southeast of downtown, and had a lovely meal at Casper Fry (named after their grandfather, a southern Baptist minister who used to preach in the same neighborhood). I love the industrial/antique/simple decor--the light fixtures, the chairs, the silver(real silver)ware, the old photos of Casper Fry, the painted brick, even the emergency exit sign...

...the drinks and the glasses they come in. This one's called a Westside (vodka,lemon, simple syrup, mint, and club soda). 

...the food. Everything was so flavorful and perfectly cooked, and they have a chalkboard on the wall telling you what local farm or ranch each item has come from. No pictures--I lost focus once our appetizer came out--sweet and spicy fried shrimp (in a sweet chili aioli!).

We've still got three full days of momtime left!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Things are getting pretty crispy 'round here.

Just ask my friend, Mr. Magpie.


 Look at that giant tail! I keep meaning to write an essay on magpies. They deserve some appreciation.

Back to the crispiness:

And this isn't exactly crispy, but can you read the back of it? It says hardened, which is an interesting thing for a random lock on a bridge to say. I guess it's the brand, but I'm going to pretend there's some huge back-story that involves a crabby shut-in and special lock-engraving.

Anyway, how is your October turning out? It's a busy month here (birthdays and anniversary and school school school), and it was extra busy this year because I spent a lot of it working on the design and layout for Sundog Lit's first issue. Here's the cover:

It's been a lot of fun putting my amateur design and website skills to use. And it's been even more fun reading the submissions we've been getting.

We also have a visitor coming tomorrow--Joe's mom! She's going to be staying in the old mansion (now a bed and breakfast) just two doors down from us. Can't wait to see the inside.

Hope you're enjoying your October weather!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two from Thirty

Birthday Apples!

I turned 28 two days ago, and because I don't have class on Monday's, I was able to take the day and do whatever I wanted.

That involved wandering around town and taking pictures, eating whatever I wanted to eat, and buying myself a decent pair of jeans.

I started by reading over an everything bagel (with cream cheese of course). I met a friend who was trying on clothes at the mall (her idea of a lunch break), I drank a latte, I ate a sandwich, I wandered, I shopped, I ate fish and chips for dinner, and then I met some friends at my favorite bar downtown.

It was a relaxing and care-free day.  And unlike last year, not a hint of loneliness. 
Birthday Paw-Prints!

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