Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

When I got home this evening, Joe was sitting in the dark. He had forgotten about trick-or-treaters and was trying to pretend like no one was home.

We dressed up last weekend, so tonight we just went out to dinner as our normal selves.

Last Saturday Joe was P'Trique. If you haven't seen his videos, you should check them out. Here is Joe's version:

 So chic! He had a good time reciting P'Trique's catch-phrases all evening. And I think he really enjoyed dramatically swishing his hair from side to side.

And I--stop now if you're not into creepy--was Reagan from The Exorcist.

 Close up?


As I was putting on my makeup, Joe kept walking by the bathroom and gasping. Later I was trying to have a regular conversation with him, and he couldn't even look at me. 

Luckily for the people at the party, the make-up faded throughout the evening. 


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