Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Two from Thirty

Birthday Apples!

I turned 28 two days ago, and because I don't have class on Monday's, I was able to take the day and do whatever I wanted.

That involved wandering around town and taking pictures, eating whatever I wanted to eat, and buying myself a decent pair of jeans.

I started by reading over an everything bagel (with cream cheese of course). I met a friend who was trying on clothes at the mall (her idea of a lunch break), I drank a latte, I ate a sandwich, I wandered, I shopped, I ate fish and chips for dinner, and then I met some friends at my favorite bar downtown.

It was a relaxing and care-free day.  And unlike last year, not a hint of loneliness. 
Birthday Paw-Prints!


  1. Your birthday sounds relaxing and lovely. Hurray for good friends and a good fall apple tree.

  2. That sounds like a nice way to spend a birthday.


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