Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Better September

There are leaves! And semi-cool weather (mid-seventies)! And corduroys! And Joe is back to school today!

Cedric was ready to go with, wore his top-hat and everything (he thinks it makes him look more distinguished), but there was no room on Joe's bike. 

Lately I've been looking back at my posts from last year, and it's been fun to see how much more settled/comfortable we are these days.

According to a year-old post, last September 25th I was at the Rocket Bakery, drinking a cup of coffee next to two girls visiting over a glass of wine. I thought of them as I sulked home, as I listened to moody music and moped about how I had no friends to sit with. But, now, a year later, we have found a great group of friends, and I've found a few girlfriends who I can sit and talk with, or just as important, sit and not talk with.     

We're also no longer eating oatmeal every day, or fighting over one little camp chair, or using boxes and plastic tubs for furniture

So things are better!  But do I love Spokane, this dry and dirty city? 

Do I love what it does to my lungs, my skin, my eyes every time I go for a run or a bike ride?

Do I love that I can't go to the grocery store without having to walk around someone being arrested for shoplifting?

Do I love that I can't leave the house without having a conversation with someone I'd rather not--do you have a cigarette, can you buy me a beer, would you like to buy this vacuum? 

Do I love how often I have to determine whether or not I should ask the person lying the ground if they are ok: Are you just resting after your run, guy in gym shorts? Are you just passed out drunk, dude next to your bike? Do you need someone to call an ambulence, or are you waiting for some unsuspecting girl to lean down so you can stab her?  

Do I love the lack of important foods: certain doughnuts, proper cake-batter ice-creams, olive burgers?
Uh, no, no, no, no, no, and no. But these are small things, and when you have friends to talk to about these things, it doesn't matter so much. (It also helps to move with your best friend/soul mate).

Oh, and my neighbor's are still obnoxious. Example: I'm currently listening to my music at full volume to cover up the sound of my neighbor yelling. Is he mad? No, he just has to shout so whoever he's with can hear him over his TV.  

And, oh man, I really wish I hadn't pulled up a picture for cake batter ice cream. 

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  1. You had to pick hudsonville cakebatter too!!! That's the best kind. Glad things are getting better. Michigan still misses you though, particularly south-west MI, more specfically 11 E. 28th st.


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