Thursday, September 6, 2012

Manito Park

On Monday, Joe had to get some writing done, so my big plans for fleeing town didn't really work out.

Still, I was determined to see something new, even if it was in Spokane. I rode my bike up the South Hill, a part of town that is a lot like it sounds: a big hill on the south side of town.  And to be honest, I should say I rode TO the South Hill, and then walked my bike to the top.

Manito Park is 90 acres of ponds, playgrounds, gardens, and trees. The first area I visited was the Nishinomiya Japanese Garden.

I probably picked the worst day of the year to visit, as there were plenty of screaming kids and yelling parents. Taking pictures without people in them took extreme patience. But, even if the garden wasn't so supportive of the "personal reflection and tranquility" that the sign requested, I can see how it would usually be relaxing.

Next I headed to the rose garden, which had so many different varieties! Each group of roses was labeled with a little wooden sign. They aren't my favorite flower, but I do love all the funny names: Eyepaint, Chuckles, Little Buckaroo, Presto Bucket, Dolly Parton, Scentimental.

I was really excited to see the dahlias, and they were so big, some taller than me!

Look at all those petals, unwrapping into perfect little curls.  

 There was also a fair share of bugs.

This dragonfly, and even the flower it's hanging out on, aren't looking too cute.

 I never found the greenhouse or conservatory but that leaves something for another visit.

Since I was already all the way up South Hill, I thought I better visit my friend who was working at a nearby ice-cream shop. I had no choice!

 Birthday cake remix: cake batter ice-cream, brownies, sprinkles, chocolate syrup. Yup.

A pretty good day off.


  1. The next time you're up that way, you should pop into Lindaman's. Delicious! x


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