Sunday, September 11, 2011

Walking Tour of Browne's Addition

 Went for a walk in Browne's today, and here is what I saw:

I love these stubby little trees! And their leaves are huge:

There are a lot of these in Browne's. I love their bark and their bumpy trunks.

And then there are a few of these, that have little surprises hanging from their leaves:

I'm pretty sure these are called horse walnut trees.

Coming to the edge of Browne's Addition.

There are some pretty neat houses in Browne's, and a lot of them have signs out front that list their construction date and their original owners.
Just keep in mind, for every house that looks like this:

There are at least five more that are in need of some loving care:

Anyway, here are some of the neat ones:

Sadly, the windmill wasn't moving.

I love the contrast of the iron gates and lion statues with the decaying couch on the balcony.

Yes, this building is called Moot Pointe.

The Olmstead House. Built in 1899 for the former mayor of Spokane, Dr. E.D. Olmstead.

The Argyle-Soss House, built in 1899 for a mining investor, John Argyle.

This house doesn't have a sign, but I thought it was neat.

The back of the museum--we haven't gone yet.

The Reid House, built around 1899..

The Campbell House, built in 1898 for mining bigwig Amasa B. Campbell. It even had a matching little guest house.

The Odell House, built in 1899 for real estate investor, George Odell.

The Wakefield House, built in 1898 for an attorney named W.J.C. Wakefield.

The Weil House was built for a department store president, Mrs. Reuben Weil.

Not a house, but one of the neatest buildings in Browne's Addition. We looked for an apartment here, but they only had a studio available at the time.

It was originally a hotel.

 Just two houses down from our apartment:

The coffee shop, a pizza place/bar, and a bus stop.

The roundabout, check out the birdhouses!

Inside the coffee shop, where we find our escape through the internet.

The Elk, Public House. We had a great lunch here the day were were apartment hunting.

This is where my walk ended. I'll post pictures of our apartment once they finish painting it. 

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