Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Walk to Rocket Bakery

With somewhere around 40 essays left to grade on this wonderfully cloudy and cool Sunday, I decided to venture out of Browne's Addition and find a new coffee shop. I always plan to try a new place so I can better acquaint myself with Spokane, but then I walk outside and see the coffee shop right across the street. See it there, the larger brick building to the right?

This is taken from my doorstep, which was recently given a brand new door mat courtesy of the building's owner. And even though her plants are dying, at least she's making an attempt.

So, I said goodbye to Joe, who was going to spend the day reading a book he has to report on this week, and headed downtown. 

And here's the outside of our building, Mary Manor. Our apartment is the first door you see on the bottom right. 

Here's the leaves of one of the trees that sits out front. I like the way they glow in the sunlight. 

 This is Elm, the cross street our building is on. Notice the valley behind that tan brick building. It was very cloudy out today, and I was hoping for some rain. And there is our truck on the right, which I am enjoying driving very much.

Fall is finally coming to Pacific Avenue!

This is the first time I've seen this adorable house, even though I drive past it 3 days a week.

Also, I know my pictures have been misleading, so here are some more realistic pictures of Spokane: 

And now back to nicer images:

The bakery is only a few blocks away from our apartment, so one neat house, some graffiti, and a bird on a fence later, here it is:

The coffee was good and look, they have turned my favorite kind of muffin (lemon poppy-seed) into something even better: a cookie!

I may have taken the mug's suggestion and blasted off if I didn't have a stack full of essays to grade. I will be back, though, because this place has it figured out: coffee, cookies, AND wine (for those especially bad grading experiences)!

Now it's seven, and I'm back in Mary Manor (sounds like a rehab center or something). Joe has fallen asleep on the couch, with only a third of his book left to read, and I'm listening to the live piano music coming from the Roberts Mansion across the yard.

Today Spokane didn't completely let me down. At the very least, it gave me a great cookie. I did get a little sad watching a couple of girls chat over a glass of wine. Maybe I'll put an ad on craigslist for a friend: wanted, two-year friendship with a non-crazy, non-bike-stealing Spokhead (I think I made up that name for Spokane residents...or maybe I stole it and don't remember).

Anyway, the piano music has been replaced with the sound of a passing train, someone's car alarm, and the creepy screeching of the angry cats next door. Goodnight Spokane.


  1. Still enjoying your comments so much. Every morninng first thing I check for new ones. IF THERE ISN;T A NEW ONE i REREAD THE ONE THERE. lOOKS LIKE YOU LIVE IN THE CITY. i HAVE NEVER LIVED IN THAT KIND OF LOCATIONL sAVE US A COOKIE.lOVE, gk

  2. Oh my, why haven't I ever thought of lemon poppyseed cookies? I have to make some. Too bad I am on my way to teach. This afternoon. Looks like you're finding the pretty parts. You'll find a friend soon. I know it.

  3. This is excellent! I'm glad I decided to stalk you instead of grade my own batch of essays! Also, five hour night class?! what the crazy-what is that? Also, crazy people make the best friends. You should invest in a local crazy person. Invest in one now!

  4. Thanks MM! I get a lot of reading and writing done when I'm supposed to be grading! Joe's program is a 2-year MFA because they have trimesters. And you're right, there is nothing wrong with crazy. I just need someone who is the same kind of crazy as I am.


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