Monday, September 5, 2011

A Place to Sit!

Big news: we are now in possession of not one, but two futons. That means we can both sit (or lie!) at the same time. We could have guests, and depending on their size, all of them might be able to sit at once.

These futons are miracle futons, as they came to us at no cost. Last Thursday we realized we had a Target giftcard, so after my class, we rushed to the nearest location. I guess I can't really say we rushed, since the road leading to Miracle Futon #1 (Division) was so full of traffic that we spent more time braking than moving. Nevertheless, we arrived and Target and found there was one option for a futon, and we had just enough money on our gift card.

Once home, we assembled it immediately and--even though it was much smaller than we imagined--enjoyed an evening of sitting at least a whole foot above the floor.

The next day in class, a student asked me how I was liking my new apartment (that's how nice these students are), and I told her it was improving thanks to our new seating addition. Before I knew it, I was loading Miracle Futon # 2 into the back of our truck. Even though the futon was relatively new, one of my students was throwing it out because he didn't have room for it.

Talking to my sister yesterday, we realized I was describing the situation much like Goldilocks' experience at the three bears' house: one is large and sagging while the other is small and firm. Someday soon we may find a third futon that is just right, but when we go to sit in it, we will find a small child sleeping on its perfect cushions. 

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