Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What has four legs and no face?

The table we just got from our friends Jonathan and Amy!  Now all we need are a couple of chairs and we can work/dine/craft in style. I still did some work at it last night even though I had to sit on a plastic tub that occasionally caved in. It was wonderful.

I keep checking craiglist for free things, hoping to find some shelves, a desk, or coffee table, but so far I've only found things we'd have to use pretty creatively: a puppet theater, a cat condo, piles of rocks, giant cardboard tubes, and a surprising amount of hot tubs.

Soon, some rich person too lazy to bring their old furniture to goodwill will throw their items on their lawn and post that thoughtfully written message so popular to craiglist: "free come get it." And we will.

Dump it, and they will come. 

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