Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Destruction and Dinner

Moment of Destruction #1
Last week our giant clock fell off the wall. Randomly. I was working at my computer and watched as our 2 1/2 foot clock slid from its spot, crashed into a glass vase of bamboo, and landed perfectly upright on a small table below.

Somehow, it survived! And, even though the bamboo shot clear across the room, it seems relatively undisturbed since its accident. Here's a picture of both, with the clock sitting right where it landed.

The bamboo is keeping its distance now.

And Cedric is watching over it carefully.

When I gave the wall a closer inspection, I realized the drywall toggle screw that was holding up our clock never expanded inside the wall. For some reason, though, it decided to wait five months before slipping out. Yesterday I bought a fancy drywall hanger that is supposed to be good up to 200 pounds. I'm still nervous.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Rocky Road Cookies

I was in a marshmallow mood, so I switched up a Betty Crocker double-chocolate cookie recipe to make these rocky road cookies.

For the original recipe, click here.

Here are my two changes:
  • substitute the white chocolate pieces for semi-sweet chips 
  • substitute the 2 1/2 cups chocolate chips for marshmallows.
I also used some parchment paper--that marshmallow gets sticky!

Oh, and it took me a few tries to get these right. They kept running all over the place...until I stopped trying to make them smaller than they were supposed to be and moving them before they cool.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Very First GIF Animation

Is it magnificent? No. Are they tons of fun to make? YES! My free trial of Photoshop is about to expire, so I've been wasting my Saturday playing with it.


It's probably good I won't have it much longer. I would never get any work done!

Anyway, Joe's feeling better, and we have welcomed the weekend with pancakes and coffee. Before I get to work on school-related things, here's some pictures I took last Wednesday. Spokane has a lot of old signs hanging around.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Macaron Buzz

I couldn't walk to the bank today without stopping in Madeline's Café & Pâtisserie. Remember, that place I went on my birthday?

This afternoon, I had my very first Macaron. It was chocolate covered cherry.

I didn't know they were so light and fragile. I crushed the poor thing when I picked it up. It still tasted delicious.

And my cappuccino helped to even out the sweetness.

Sorry Cedric, I'm not sharing.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey, check out Joe's essay in the new issue of RiverLit!

Click here to purchase a digital or print copy.
I got my snow day on Friday. But getting to skip class isn't nearly as much fun when Joe still has to go.

I finished a lot of class planning, though. And did a good amount of snow-gazing.

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