Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guess who's sick?

Well, it only took me one day back on campus to get sick.

But maybe it was Cedric who infected me. He's not doing too well either today.

Other than that, our first week back is going great. Joe only has one night class this semester, so we'll be seeing each other more. He's reading an essay at the graduate student reading tomorrow night.

So far, my first two groups of students are wonderful. Today, I walked in my classroom and one girl shouted, "you look awesome!" Can't complain with that.  

Time for bed. First day of my Friday 9:00 a.m. class tomorrow. Cedric can't bear the thought.


  1. G'night Cedric. (You look awesome too. Don't let her get to you.)

  2. Oh, and I'm sick today, too. We must sense each other from halfway across the world.

  3. Oh noes! Not the gnome cold! Cedric, you bad boy.

  4. He sure used enough tissues! I think time for that bad boy to get a job!


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