Thursday, January 30, 2014

Clear a Path

 You know what that is?

It's the beautiful sight of a freshly plowed bike path. It's been weeks of stumbling through feet of snow (except for the -26 degree days that Joe won't let me walk to school) but finally, there is a path!

There's not much else to report.

Go to school.

Hang out at home under blankets.

Move our car so they can plow the parking lot.

Start again.

We've started the job application process again. Who knows where we'll be in August?

Coon Rapids?




You never know.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New (Cold) Semester

We're just starting week two of the semester, and things around here are still pretty icy. 

All of our windows look like this:

Even the inside of our slider door looks like a freezer that needs defrosting:

But I love the cold, and snow, and new semesters. All, last week Joe and I spent our evenings sharing stories about our new students, where they're from, what they said, things they wrote. It's exciting to get to meet so many different people from so many different places. 

It's nice just switching up our class/work schedules. Soon we'll fall back into a routine, but for now things are fresh, like when you first rearrange your living room. 

But our daily treks are looking pretty close to the same. 

Joe on his way to school:

Me on my way to school:

Friday, January 3, 2014

Home Again

After a one-night stop in Marquette, we came home to a chilly Minnesota last night.

We took a different route home from Marquette this time, heading down 77 through Northern Wisconsin, and found some really beautiful sights. These monster trees almost made us feel like we were back in Washington for a moment.

We wound our way through so many neat little towns. I think this one with the festive wreaths was Montreal, Wisconsin. If not, it was Hurley, or Iron Belt, or Upson, etc.

And now we've got about five days left to relax a bit and prepare for next semester. This morning, I made waffles so we could use the maple cream from American Spoon.

Now to conquer the laundry pile...

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