Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cedric Hits the Slopes

We're finally getting some snow in Spokane! Yesterday morning I drove to campus without seeing any snow, but as soon as I took the exit for Couer d'Alene, there it was, as if they were hiding it.

Today Spokane is catching up. And Cedric is feeling better. He was waiting with all his gear on when I woke up.

I told him it might be easier if he didn't have to take his little brown suitcase everywhere.

He declined my advice, but he's quite the snowboarder

And now we are relaxing with a cup of cocoa.

 And gazing out the window.

We'll see how much I love it when I drive to the eye doctor's in an hour. Joe had to cancel class after watching five buses come and go before one had room for him.

It's still nice to have you back and interfering with our lives, snow!


  1. Cynthia. This just makes me miss you even more. Love the pictures. Love!

  2. I would love some snow here in England, I miss it so much!


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