Monday, January 2, 2012

One More Week!

This break is so delightfully long. A lot of things have been getting finished around here:

The thank you cards are done.

Our tack-boards have finally been covered and hung. I got this vintage fabric for really cheap at Spencers, my favorite Spokane antique store.

The mirrors have also been hung! The santa head cookie jar still needs to be put away.

Plenty of new food has been cooked and eaten!
Fluffy Anise Sugar Cookies--Recipe Here

Creamy Rutabaga Soup--Recipe here

And my bird book got some use. I tried to figure out who this big guy was. He swooped into our back yard yesterday at around 2:30 (already getting dark!).

I think it's a Merlin (a small kind of falcon), but I could be wrong. He has the same white eyebrow as the Merlin in my book. And his beak and wing span looks similar. He is about a foot tall. Ideas anyone?


  1. I wish I could hire you to decorate my apartment.

  2. If we lived closer, you totally could! My current rate is one cookie an hour. :)

  3. I'm with Sarah. Next August when I'm living wherever I'm living, you're going to come visit, go antique/thrift shopping, and have a weeklong crafternoon session with me, right? I'll even make sangria and pumpkin cupcakes.


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