Thursday, February 27, 2014

Writing Conference

It's so nice to see the mountains again.

Yesterday we flew into Seattle, took the light rail downtown, and pulled our suitcases up a series of very big hills.

Here's our first view of Seattle through the train window.

And here's Joe saying hello to Washington.  

And here's our delightful hotel room.

And now it's time to lug bags and bags of promotional bookmarks, booklets, coffee mugs, and banners to the convention center.

But first, I think I saw a doughnut shop down the street!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

For Josh and Grace, the Hockey All-Stars

It took him long enough, but Cedric recently took up playing hockey.

Here he is, waiting to be put in the game.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Like Spring

It was 21 degrees when I walked to school on Tuesday.

It felt so warm that I unzipped my coat.

 On the way home, I found someone I know bringing out the recycling.

I think we've officially conquered our new-place slump. It seems like every time we move to a new state, we spend the first months being lazy and apathetic. And we always blame it on being busy.

It took a while, but we've stopped with the excuses. We've started working out, cooking meals, writing. There still isn't anything on our walls, but now that we're half way into a lease of an apartment we won't be staying in, it's hard to justify hanging anything.

I've finally found a coffee shop I like. Too bad it's 25 minutes away. 

Still, I think the neat loft building it's in might be worth the drive.

And I'm pretty sure this is the best latte I've ever had. 

Also, every time I climb out of the car, I get to try and determine what cereal the parking lot smells like. 

Speaking of food: This weekend we've tried two new recipes out of a cookbook I got this Christmas, Pasta e fagioli (delicious) and pancetta and sweet corn risotto (also delicious). We've also discovered that you can successfully substitute crisco with coconut oil.

Nothing says weekend like homemade biscuits. 
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