Saturday, February 15, 2014

Like Spring

It was 21 degrees when I walked to school on Tuesday.

It felt so warm that I unzipped my coat.

 On the way home, I found someone I know bringing out the recycling.

I think we've officially conquered our new-place slump. It seems like every time we move to a new state, we spend the first months being lazy and apathetic. And we always blame it on being busy.

It took a while, but we've stopped with the excuses. We've started working out, cooking meals, writing. There still isn't anything on our walls, but now that we're half way into a lease of an apartment we won't be staying in, it's hard to justify hanging anything.

I've finally found a coffee shop I like. Too bad it's 25 minutes away. 

Still, I think the neat loft building it's in might be worth the drive.

And I'm pretty sure this is the best latte I've ever had. 

Also, every time I climb out of the car, I get to try and determine what cereal the parking lot smells like. 

Speaking of food: This weekend we've tried two new recipes out of a cookbook I got this Christmas, Pasta e fagioli (delicious) and pancetta and sweet corn risotto (also delicious). We've also discovered that you can successfully substitute crisco with coconut oil.

Nothing says weekend like homemade biscuits. 

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