Sunday, November 23, 2014

The snow is taking a break today and giving the rain a chance, but I managed to get some shots of a snowy Houghton before that happened. Well, technically that's Hancock in the photo below, and that tree in the way is Houghton. 

Here's a shot taken from the hill our house is on. 

Here is the road to doughnuts.  

Most Saturdays I walk to the bakery and stare at the canal. 

But now the bike path has been covered in snow, and taken over by snowmobiles. We're thinking I need one for the commute to school.

Last weekend, when Joe went hunting, I had a grading marathon, which is not so bad when you've got this view from the public library:


 And it's even better when this comes home at the end.

A few more days and we'll be making the trip downstate!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Snow Day

We got a bit of snow last night. 

And today we woke up to a snow day, which was well-timed since we have friends from out of town. 

We put on our boots and hats and walked through the snowy streets to breakfast. Then we spent the afternoon inside warming up over board games. 

The snow is still falling. 

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Yesterday morning was a beautiful 25-degree walk to school.

This weekend has already kept its promise for snow, blowing in as a gray cloud over the canal and, an hour later, changing its mind and reverting to rain.

I collected 126 essays to grade this week, and Joe will be out in the woods, so we will definitely keep busy. 
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