Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween 2

Now that Halloween's over, I'm spending the weekend cleaning up all of the fake hair and strips of stray fabric that are scattered throughout the house. 

Since two of my classes (one Thursday and one Friday) wanted to dress up, I decided I would make two different costumes--probably not something I'll do ever again. 

Here's yesterday's (Beetlejuice in the wedding scene): 

You can see we got some snow.

The costume was pretty labor intensive since I couldn't find anything I needed in the thrift stores. The suit had to be dyed, the ruffled tux shirt didn't actually have ruffles on it when I bought it, and it was only a short sleeve shirt, so I had to move the cuffs and put some ruffles on them too. The shoes had to be painted white, and my wig, originally a black mullet wig, had to get a serious haircut and paint job. The wig should have been blonder and thinner, but at a certain point, I guess you have to stop being such a perfectionist and go to bed.

My students had some neat costumes. The winner: one guy who shaved a giant bald spot in the back of his head so he had a ring of hair. Talk about dedication.

Joe's been in the woods during mornings and late afternoons for the past few days, so he hasn't had a reason to dress up. Hopefully next year he'll get to try out the idea he had been talking up all month.

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