Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Trail

October is really flying by. A few weeks ago, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday by walking around downtown Houghton and admiring the changing colors. 

And now, not only have most of the leaves disappeared from the trees, but that birdbath pictured above has been stored away for the winter. 

Later that early-October week, we headed to NMU for a conference. It's been over four years since we've driven the stretch of 41 between Marquette and Houghton. I forgot how pretty it was. 

Today, a day of 45-mile-per-hour winds, I decided to bike the path that goes along the Keweenaw waterway.  

So very true. 

Of course I started with a doughnut and coffee at the bakery on the water.  The Isle Royale ferry was docked across the street, reminding us we still need to visit that island park in Lake Superior. 

The waterway cuts across the peninsula and turns into Portage lake before ending up at the Keweenaw Bay on Lake Superior. Let's be honest, I can't really figure out what's what. Apparently there's the Portage Canal, Portage Lake, Portage Lake Canal, The Keweenaw Waterway, etc. It's obviously what part is Portage Lake, but I haven't found a map to point the rest out yet.  

I'll just call it the waterway. So, there's the ski hill on the waterway.  

Just leaving downtown on the trail I noticed that Houghton seems to be very excited about the new season.

The bike trail is nice, especially when it's covered with leaves and the 45-mile-per-hour winds are pushing you along.

Eventually it turns to gravel, and even farther down, it gets a little more narrow than I would like. That's when I turned around. 

Here are some other shots:

A nearby nature center has a boardwalk over this river. 

Portage Lake and a leafless skyline.

After turning around, this fallen tree appeared in my path! 

Once I got back into town and before biking into the wind and up the giant hill our house is on, I took a break on Michigan Tech's campus. They've been preserving their leaves somehow.

Joe's home from the woods now, and he's finally starting to feel better after days with strep throat. Time to make dinner and tell each other about our days: luckily escaping a falling tree, walking my bike uphill because it was stuck in seventh gear, and for Joe, I'm sure there were a few windblown-wildlife sightings on the way to his tree stand. 

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