Sunday, September 28, 2014

Canal Trip

Okay, you are about to be overtaken with photos. This weekend, we explored our surroundings. Saturday, we followed the Portage Canal west from Houghton until it emptied into Lake Superior. 

I've decided to call it Pebble Beach. Can you tell why?

After that, we drove back to Houghton, which included passing the blue door of the Christian Science reading room...

 ...crossed the bridge to Hancock, 

climbed the hill to check out the view of Houghton, 

and followed the canal west to Lake Superior again. 

For dinner, we ate fried whitefish on the hill that is Hancock. Today, we went out to Joe's hunting grounds. 

While he hung tree stands and cut down branches, I lured in chipmunks with freshly fallen acorns.

Target practice. Can you see the arrow?

More of the view:

Tomorrow it's back to school, where I remind my students what a beautiful place they live in. 

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