Monday, September 8, 2014

In Love

Yesterday morning I woke up early, bought a doughnut and a coffee, and took my book down to the canal. I saw a bald eagle outrun some cranky seagulls and watched cars pass over the lift bridge. I watched clouds slip over the large hill that is Hancock, Michigan, and listened to water splash below my feet. 

Here's way too many photos of what we've been seeing.  

A rainy day in Copper Harbor.

The Portage Canal separating Hancock and Houghton.

The lift bridge, or the local excuse for being late.


Somewhere on Lake Superior

Cedric's been seeing some remarkable things too.

 More Houghton

Almost made it last year. Maybe this is the year.

Cedric refused to swim.

Interesting Houghton graffiti.

My walk home from school, a nice view of Hancock.

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