Sunday, October 9, 2011

Birthday Breakfast

 A month and a half ago, we took our first walk downtown Spokane. Ever since, I have had my eye on this cafe called Madeleine's Patisserie. Look at it! Adorable!

 And, even though we are still tight on cash, Joe and I stopped in for a little birthday breakfast. Originally it was going to be a coffee and a pastry, but then we saw the menu.

I've never been a speedy decision maker at restaurants, but this was almost impossible! How could I decide? Pancakes with MAPLE butter? Oven roasted asparagus in a balsamic reduction? 

The lattes and cappuccinos were delicious, and when our food came, we tried to remember a time when we had eaten a better breakfast. That's Joe's smoked salmon hash with hollandaise sauce on the top left, and below that is my quiche Lorraine, which was hanging out with some well-seasoned, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside potatoes.

 Here's some more photos of its adorableness:

I love their open kitchen, and unlike many of them, it doesn't overtake the dining area with a lot noise. 

Next time, I'll make sure to get one of their cupcakes (I saw a lemon poppyseed with boysenberry frosting!). And look at that--even their signs are pretty!


  1. We liked that Spokane spot too! Good (and pretty) coffee & delicious sweets. There are a few gems around that city... we also recommend The Latah Bistro, which is just outside of town along the highway (south towards Colfax).

  2. We will have to try it. Thanks Jen!

  3. I've decided, my name is Madeliene & I own that cafe! It looks like so much more fun than my boring job!


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