Friday, October 21, 2011

It was a long week, one filled with grading and classes and more grading. But I'm about to begin a long weekend, so I think I'll be able to get ahead for once.

And, on Wednesday, I got this in the mail:

Try not to mind the creepy girl lurking in the background. It's a little strange getting my contributor's copies from River Teeth while we're in Spokane. My essay that's inside was inspired by my first visit to Washington at least five years ago. I wasn't in Spokane though. I was on the other side of the state in the Hoh National Rain Forrest watching an intentionally homeless bicyclist start a fire for me, my Aunt, and my cousin.

This was one of those essays that forces itself out of you--one that rolls around in your head at night until you finally just get out of bed and write it--so it makes me happy to know it has a home.


  1. Is this a book or magazine because I am such a fan of yours we will have to get our hands on it!

  2. It's a literary magazine that has all essays in it. If you click on the name of it in my post it should bring you to their website.

  3. Fantastic! I just commented on fb for you to share where your work is published, but then I stalked you over here, and look! River Teeth! So good. You? Superstar! ("intentionally homeless bicyclist"? I must meet this person!)

    PS. I'm grading again. Can you tell?

  4. Great stalking work, MM. :) I have a little grading to do this weekend too, so I've been finding ways to procrastinate too. Oh, and you are a superstar.


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