Wednesday, October 12, 2011

 What did I see on the way to the bank today? Just ask Cedric:

A lot of cars.

A fair amount of graffiti.

Stairs I've never gone down leading to a ravine I've never been in. Cedric is almost impossible to see here.

He's a fast stair climber. That's the old public library across the street, way cooler looking than the new one.

Hey trees, feel free to change colors any day now.

The road my bank is on.

I like the parkade sign at the top left.

The mysterious squirrels of Browne's Addition.  This picture has been blurred to protect the innocent.

Enough procrastinating. Time to grade!


  1. Oo. It's like Where's Waldo, but not. Is he in the right corner of the stairs about mid way down? Because me thinks I spy a wee bit of red and blue.


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