Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Some Unrelated Comments on October 18

  • When I walked into class today, one of my students paid me the compliment of letting me know I looked tired. But that's okay: someone else said they liked my outfit, so it all evened out. 
  • After a very low productivity weekend of sneezing and coughing, Joe and I are mostly recuperated. Tomorrow I do the grading I wanted to finish last weekend.
  • I keep hoping for some sudden change of heart from Spokane, for some of the trees to burst out in a perfect imitation of midwest fallness, but I don't think they have it in them. I passed a tree the other day that seemed to be changing from green to translucent.
  • Joe had night class tonight, so I ate the rest of our homemade potato soup and--don't tell anyone--over half a loaf of sourdough. I had to, right? Before it went stale. The sad part is I didn't even cut it up. So it wasn't one of those situations where you just keep grabbing another slice on your way by the cutting board. I just dropped the whole thing on my plate and tore into it like coyote eating roadkill.    
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday I leave North Idaho College in Idaho and drive west to Spokane. Since it is evening, this means that I am always driving into a setting sun (which is always too low for the visor to block). Tonight the sun was so large that it seemed like if I drove far enough, I might actually enter the sun. Nope. Just Spokane.

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