Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tonight Joe and I watched the movie Benny and Joon since it was shot completely in Spokane. We did the same thing when we were in Marquette by watching Anatomy of a Murder. Even though I should have been grading, we decided we needed to relax after our eventful day.

Joe woke me up last night to tell me a random leak had sprung from above our kitchen cupboards. Then, this morning, after two sets of people had trapsed through our apartment to look at the leak and the Comcast man had come to set up the internet, I thought we had our apartment back--finally a normal Saturday of sitting around in pajamas!

We were enjoying our newly installed internet and trying to decide how we would spend the day when we heard a crash followed by the sound of several shattering glasses.

When we got to the kitchen, we discovered one of our cabinet's shelves had collapsed, both dumping the glasses it held on the floor and crushing the coffee mugs that were below it. After wading through the broken glass, I discovered the shelf was actually too short for the brackets that were installed.

On the bright side, we had no problem filling up our afternoon: drive around town looking for a cheap broom, sweep up and locate all the glass that exploded throughout our kitchen, wash every single dish that was exposed to the raining shards of glass. 

As we were watching Benny and Joon, we came to a scene where Benny goes to feed his fish and finds him dead. "See," Joe said, waving his hand at the computer screen, "nothing works in this town."

On the other hand, we did find some super cheap ice cream at the store.

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