Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What's Happening at 9:32 a.m.

Joe just left for his first day of teaching. He was excited and joked that it was the first time all month that he hasn't worn gym shorts. 

I am eating oatmeal and drinking English Breakfast tea. I am also staring at my two folders of student essays, none of which I've read, and considering telling my students that this was just a practice round: "These won't be graded. Just look back at them and think about what you could have done better."

I always do this. I wait too long to start, so in my mind it's turned into this terrible, grueling, impossible feat. But really, if I just started, I would see it's not so bad.  It's like that with a lot of things for me: making phones calls, ambitious craft projects, exercise. Last year when I was riding my bike to school, the hardest part was the all-uphill ride home. After class, I would spend an hour sitting around the office trying to get psyched up to do it.

So, after I finish this oatmeal, which I've made way too much of, I am going to start! Here we go. Someone put on the coffee. 


  1. I inevitably do the same with first rounds of essays. I am trying to grade them right now, in fact. And obviously I am very conscientious about it, as I am commenting on an old blog update of yours. Right now I am drinking coconut flavored black tea and I have been at this computer working more or less for the past 10 hours. Now you know. My cat is sleeping in the sun.

  2. Just got your letter/card! Thanks! Ten hours is a long time to sit at a computer. Switch places with your cat for a while next time.


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