Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our Apartment Joins the World in 7 Days!

If everything goes smoothly, this time next Saturday, I should be updating my blog from our apartment. What does this mean? Internet! It means internet! After four years of uninterrupted internet in Marquette, it has been strange living in an apartment without it. But because we won't have to pay our first bill until next month, we will soon return to that world of email and notes from friends and free tv and quick answers to any of your questions.

It is a little disturbing how much we rely on the internet. Last week we were trying to find a movie rental place, but couldn't look it up online. It took us way to long to realize we were in possession of this magical book that tells you the addresses of many local businesses.  Do you remember what this book is called? The Phone Book! Remember it, that heavy, yellow book with newspaper-thin pages? It told us exactly where to go. Anyway, soon we will go back to forgetting about the poor thing in the junk drawer.

What else is new?
Joe and I went to a party last night. It was an interesting experience. After having a certain group of friend for so long, it's difficult for shy(ish) people like me to cram into a tiny, 500 degree room with complete strangers. It's a lot of pressure. Who will be your new friend? Who will go out of their way to offend you? Who won't understand what you're talking about? Who will ask you complicated political or literary questions that you have no idea how to even pretend to understand?

Or, it might also be the fact that we haven't left our apartment or been in a social situation since we moved in here. We have become little cave people, chewing on drumsticks we've cooked over a fire we started in the trash can in our apartment. Except that is an exaggeration, we don't have a trash can yet. We use one of the moving boxes we still have around. We also use the moving boxes for end tables, coffee tables, and foot stools. They're so versatile, we're considering opening a furniture shop that specializes in cardboard furniture.

Twenty days until pay day!

More Noticeable Differences Between Spokane and Michigan
  • While apartment hunting, we noticed that most bathroom fans here are not turned on by a simple light switch. There is a timer dial on the wall. 
  • Houses have names! Stroll around our neighborhood and you will see that not just apartment buildings have names, but even larger houses have titles etched into their stone walls and painted on wooden signs. Examples to come!


  1. Tims parents have one of those dials for the bathroom fan! I had never seen one until I was at their house. And it always gets 10 min.

  2. Ours does too! It says something about to set the timer you have to turn the dial past ten and then choose a time. Still haven't figured it out.


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