Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Things are getting pretty crispy 'round here.

Just ask my friend, Mr. Magpie.


 Look at that giant tail! I keep meaning to write an essay on magpies. They deserve some appreciation.

Back to the crispiness:

And this isn't exactly crispy, but can you read the back of it? It says hardened, which is an interesting thing for a random lock on a bridge to say. I guess it's the brand, but I'm going to pretend there's some huge back-story that involves a crabby shut-in and special lock-engraving.

Anyway, how is your October turning out? It's a busy month here (birthdays and anniversary and school school school), and it was extra busy this year because I spent a lot of it working on the design and layout for Sundog Lit's first issue. Here's the cover:

It's been a lot of fun putting my amateur design and website skills to use. And it's been even more fun reading the submissions we've been getting.

We also have a visitor coming tomorrow--Joe's mom! She's going to be staying in the old mansion (now a bed and breakfast) just two doors down from us. Can't wait to see the inside.

Hope you're enjoying your October weather!

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