Saturday, June 28, 2014

So Much Michigan

Last weekend, we drove to Michigan for a wedding, camping one night in the mosquito-filled Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and camping three more nights in the adorable Petoskey, Michigan.

It rained a lot, but that made for some pretty travelling.

I still haven't gone through all of the photos--somehow I took over 300.

We did see a lot of deer on our misty morning drive through northern Wisconsin.

Thankfully, when we returned, our flowers were still alive. Good thing we bought succulents.

We added a bird bath in hopes of attracting more visitors, but I haven't seen a single bird stop by.

Joe's back to work, and I'm getting ready to fly back to Michigan on Monday for an interview. This will be the third visit in a month. Are you sick of me yet, Michigan?

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