Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Have you been to Petoskey, Michigan? After having spent a few days camping, eating, and attending a wedding there, I've decided it's pretty great.

Next to our campground was a very adorable house with this even more adorable library:

There's a bike trail that takes you along the lake.

There's some cute and tasty restaurants, the American Spoon Cafe, for instance.

Here's the smoked whitefish Benedict I did not regret ordering--it's hard to turn down whitefish when you're in northern Michigan.

Here are some more shots (mostly of the lake I may or may not be missing dearly):

Even their drinking fountains are pretty.

After all our wedding duties were done, we found ourselves with some free time...something we don't normally experience when we're in Michigan.

We will be back, Petoskey.

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