Tuesday, March 26, 2013


...is a city and a county.

This Saturday we hopped in the truck and drove three hours northwest of Spokane.

A friend of ours needed a ride to a beautiful chunk of land he owned, and we needed to leave the city. Here they are enjoying the non-citiness.

We also needed to see the Grande Coulee dam, which was on the way. There it is, all 12 million cubic yards of concrete.

Overlooking the dam is a little visitor's center.

When they opened the dam, they had 48 princesses pour in water from 48 states out of these jugs. There's good ol' Michigan. I think they should have specified where the water came from. Lake Superior? Lake  Michigan? Lake Huron? C'mon!

What else did we see? A lot of dry land and rocks and mountains and telephone poles and abandoned buildings.

And quite a few red trucks:

Cedric also really needed to test out his new kite:

There wasn't quite enough wind for mine, but his seemed to work just fine. 

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