Sunday, April 7, 2013


I've been trying not to worry, not to let the daily job-search/application process get me down, not to worry about whether or not we'll be able to move back home this summer.

So when I'm not teaching or grading or planning for class or applying for jobs (which is most of my time), I'm  keeping my mind off of the unknown by admiring what's around me.

Last Monday, I rode up to Sandpoint with a couple of friends.

It was a really pretty day. 67 degrees!

This semester has taken away most of my usual cooking/baking time, but I managed to try out my first fruit tart last weekend.

And now that spring has started to creep into Spokane, there's plenty of distractions in the form of bright new colors. 

I love these yellow bushes.

And some green is starting to poke out of the trees. This is my view on the walk home from school. Not too bad. 

I also pass by a little hill on the edge of the river, which I like to call marmot mountain. 

One day I walked by and a marmot stuck his head out of his little cave. The next day there were three. And last week, I walked by to find six marmots all standing on their hind legs, front paws drawn in front of their faces, their wide eyes staring at me. They make me laugh every time. 

Of course, the day I came by with my camera they had all gone on a little field trip. I saw them hanging out further down the hill, but unfortunately none of them gave me their signature stare. 

They are still pretty darn cute.

Dear marmot friends, whatever you're doing in your secret little caves, I hope it involves working some marmot magic and getting these long-lost Michiganders some full-time jobs.

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