Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bad Phone Pic Update

I got this in the mail yesterday. 

For the last year or so my migraines have become an issue. Before then, I would have one every four months so, but something happened last spring. Suddenly they were coming three or four times a week, starting with the aura (blurred vision) and numb body parts, and then moving on to a throbbing headache. The pain isn't as bad as some people describe (except for one terrible night last summer), but the blurred vision is a bit of an issue--English instructors sort of need to be able to read.The next day leaves my head sore, feeling like a bruise and throbbing when I move or bend over. 

Sometimes I wake up in the morning, like today, and feel like I must have had one in my sleep. The bumpy bike path on the way to school make for a painful ride. 

And the rain, made for a wet one. But I love a rainy day--so calming and gray. Another effect of the migraine: trouble thinking. So if you see any typos here, or if it gets off track, let's blame it one the migraine. 

Anyway, I started tracking my diet a few months ago to try and detect some migraine triggers, and one morning, I finally found something. Before leaving for school, I ate one thing: a prune. Later on into my 35-minute walk to school, the aura started. When I got home later, I read the packaging. The only other ingredient, other than the actual prune, was potassium sorbate. I went back to my food journal and realized that a lot of what I ate before past migraines included this preservative: a maraschino cherry, an olive, bread, a pickle, a granola bar, etc. 

I wondered if it were a coincidence, but since I cut it out of my diet, there have been a few times where I got a migraine, and double checked what I had eaten, and there it was. 

There are obviously other triggers that I'm avoiding too, but this one seems to be a big one. I just wonder why it all of a sudden became such an issue. It makes things like eating out or at other people's places risky. I hate to be difficult. 

Excuse me, is there potassium sorbate in this? Chances are, if it came out of a package, there is. 

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