Saturday, August 9, 2014

Of Bricks, Bridges, and Blue Doors

Yesterday, I postponed the packing and had a Minneapolis day:

For lunch, a friend and I walked the aisles of the Global Market, trying to decide between baguettes at the Salty Tart Bakery, a bowl of pho at Pham's Deli, a chimichanga from La Loma Tamales, Swedish finger sandwiches at Cafe Finspang, somosas from Holy Land Deli, or roasted goat from Safari Express. 

We wandered the four floors of the library... 

looking for the best view of the city...

...and then played with the movable bookshelves. 

Bridges were crossed.

Churches were visited.

Signs were spotted. 

Bricks were admired.

The river was there too.

We finished the evening on the patio of Aster Cafe--a few friends, the golden sunlight shimmering through tree leaves, the music from an accordion player floating in the warm August air, and cheese plates and champagne peaches brought to us by polka-dot wearing waitresses.

It's been a pleasure meeting you, Minneapolis.

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