Sunday, June 30, 2013

To the Other Side (and Back)

This weekend Joe and I took a quick trip to the other side of the state.

We've been living in Washington for two years, but there's still so much we haven't seen. After two days in the car (and a few hours on a ferry), we managed to accomplish quite a bit of sight-seeing:

We experienced a climate we haven't seen while living in Eastern Washington, with humidity and slugs and snails and mossy trees.

We passed through the most adorable towns: Conway, where we visited a tiny town with a bar in a barn; La Conner, where we gawked at the adorable waterside buildings; and Edison, where we bought some nice bread and cheese from a couple of adorable shops.

We sat on a rocky cliff on Chuckanut Bay and ate our delicious bread and cheese and olives.

We took a ferry to Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands, where we paid too much money for a 15-minute cab ride.

We drove state route 20 through the North Cascades National Park and ran out of ways to say "wow."

We stopped for dinner in Winthrop, one of the neatest towns I've ever seen, where among a street of old west type buildings, we ate at a brewery in an old schoolhouse on the river.

When we took the long way home yesterday, meandering from one side of the state to the other, we couldn't get over how varied Washington's landscape is-- forests, lakes, rivers, dams, orchards, rolling hills, hay fields, rocky, snow-capped mountains, expanses of towering wind turbines, bridges, and bridges, and bridges!

Hopefully we'll see a bit more before we take off next month.

And here are the photos (click on them to enlarge):
Columbia RiverLeaving Eastern WashingtonTruckEastern WashingtonCedric
Columbia RiverColumbia Riversnail!
snail!The Conway MuseThe Conway MuseThe Conway Muse
Inside the Conway MuseCedric's first slugEdison, WABreadfarm's Patio
Washington Road Trip, a set on Flickr.

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