Thursday, July 11, 2013

New Birds on the Pend Orielle

We recently spent a couple days in a cabin on the Pend Orielle River. 

One of my favorite parts (other than the water, and the sun, and the company, and the food, and the lack of work) was the new assortment of birds: 

the long-legged killdeer scurrying around on their knobby knees,

the pretty little blue birds lining up on fences and wires,

the little ones waiting to be fed,

and the noisy yellow-headed blackbirds and equally noisy red-winged blackbirds perched atop pine trees and clinging to the cattails near the pond.

And the views weren't too bad either.

 We've got about two and a half weeks left in Washington, so we're rushing to see all that we can see. 

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