Monday, October 7, 2013


...means no time for blogging. 

...means no new-city exploring. 

...means living somewhere for two months before buying a couch to sit on or a table to eat off of. 

But, hey, we have both now! Or we will by the time the couch is delivered on Wednesday. 

Other than getting our semesters at new schools on track, we haven't been up to much. We did make it back to Michigan for one of the sweetest weddings I've ever attended. 

There was a lot of love coming from everyone. And, a lot of crying. 

I got to see my niece getting ready for her big day: 

Her mom and sister putting her into her dress. Her friends watching from the other room.

Rewriting her vows before the ceremony.

And I got to see more of my sister's wonderful work as a floral designer.

Oh, and I got to see Joe's first time officiating a wedding. 

It's an odd feeling going to a wedding with your husband and eventually realizing he's not going to be sitting next to you.

One last reason this wedding was so delightful: a cookie bar.

It gave me a reason to make the French macarons I've been wanting to test out (filled with a raspberry butter-cream). They definitely could have looked better, but they tasted pretty delightful. Even some of the Europeans from the grooms side came over to compliment them. Good enough for me!

Guess I'll have to keep practicing, no matter how many cookies we have to eat. 

Tomorrow is my birthday. If I were in Spokane, I'd walk down to Madeleine's for breakfast. I'm settling for a haircut and a visit to a local cake shop (if there's time before I have to be on campus). The real celebration comes this weekend when Joe and I drive up to Marquette to celebrate our birthdays/anniversary. Lake Superior here we come! 

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