Tuesday, December 31, 2013

To Travel!

Joe and I are wrapping up our holiday visits, and we've decided to take the long-ish way home to Minnesota, crossing the Mackinaw Bridge, driving up to Marquette, and saying hello to Lake Superior.

Today was a snowy drive through the lower peninsula. This photo isn't black in white; it was just that gray.

We're staying the night in Mackinaw City, and over dinner, we thought about how little traveling we did when we lived in Michigan, how much of this beautiful state we still haven't seen. We thought about how we lived in the upper peninsula for four years and never even made it to Copper Harbor.

So, if we're talking New Year's Resolutions, I'm thinking we need to get traveling.

Even today, when we tried to take this shot in front of the Mackinaw Bridge, we realized this was the first time we stopped to really look at it. For four years, we drove back and forth across this bridge, and never stopped to say hello.

So that's my goal this year (among others). Wherever we are, wherever we end up, we won't settle for the thirty familiar miles around us.

Happy new year, everyone. Let's find some great views this year.

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