Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crazy Bird

For the past couple of weeks, we've been visited every morning by this robin. I love birds, but this one is out of control.

First he ate all of the chokecherries off my bush, refusing to share with anyone, chasing off anyone else who came to visit. This is a problem because I had a couple chickadees taking interest in my bird house, and now they're being bullied.

Then he spent a couple days flying back and forth between the balcony railing to the top of our screen door. Back and forth. Back and forth. Like some sort of bird calisthenics.

The next morning I woke up because someone was banging on my door. Except no one was at the door. It was this bird pecking at the window, all morning. So now, in order to keep him from harassing us, we have to close our blinds at just the right angle.

Speaking of things with wings...

Joe started his new job at the county park today, and I did something I haven't done since we've moved here: ride my bike somewhere other than school. I found a trail that took me along the Rum River.

Anoka and Coon Rapids really need their leaves. Without them, their trees look like something out of a horror movie.

Here's some shots from the bike ride:

I got home just in time to beat the rain. And I noticed the big tree outside our window is flowering!

Which means that soon we'll be hearing the sound of leaves. 

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