Friday, July 20, 2012

Pure Drivel

I found Steve Martin's Pure Drivel on my bookshelf the other day (I forgot I had it). It's funny and sarcastic and a little outrageous. Some of the essays aren't as amusing, but others, like this one called "Writing Is Easy," are perfect little snippets of humor and buffoonery--that seems like a word Steve Martin would appreciate.  

Speaking of books, our summer is looking up. Joe has been looking and applying and interviewing for summer jobs for the last month. Yesterday he got one at the independent bookstore downtown. It's exciting for a couple of reasons: we will be able to eat, and he gets to work with books all day! He came home from his interview drooling over the fact that he got to touch a first addition of The Sun Also Rises. 

But of course he didn't get the job until the day after I had a little freak-out about money. This is how the universe seems to work (at least for us). We keep our cool pretty well for a while, and then one day, one of us loses it, spends an entire day moping, or crying, or worrying, or complaining, or adding up bills, or eating over-sized bowls of ice cream--making a real spectacle of ourselves. And then, the very next day, it works out. It's kind of funny how many times this has happened. Maybe it's to keep us from getting too confident or comfortable. Or maybe our ridiculous displays of anxiety/failure/depression prompt the universe to show an extra boost of sympathy. Who knows, but we always feel a little ridiculous when things change course the next day.

Anyway, Joe started at the bookstore today and I'm at home trying to ignore the heat. I've got some grading to do, so I'll use it as an excuse to find an air-conditioned coffee shop. One more week of summer class and then I'll have almost a whole month to write and craft and bike!

Hope you have a relaxing and freak-out-free weekend!


  1. Yes I believe the universe does listen especially if you've tried to take the bad stuff in stride & it like quadruples overnight & you can't hold it back anymore....of course I think it's Mama or Daddy.helping cause I tend to give them am earful when I really need help. If you lose it over every little thing it doesn't work only if you've given it your best shot at riding the storm out!

  2. Someday the universe is going to just give in before the epic meltdown. Someday. Until then there's always, as you point out, oversized bowls of ice cream.


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