Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer in Browne's

Yesterday definitely felt like a true summer day.

We slept in.

We baked cookies.

We put on our shorts and t-shirts and sunglasses.

And then we walked the block and a half to some friends' house to spend the rest of the day playing in their front yard. Browne's Addition is growing on me. 

Aren't the Lion statues at the end of the sidewalk fun?

Before we met the couple that lived in one of the apartments here, we always used to talk about this cool building with the Lion statues. I actually took a picture of it last summer. And now we got to look inside!

It's a really neat building, a wood-floored and wallpapered heaven:

Check out their bathroom vanity and the metallic wallpaper. 

 Their kitchen is adorable, bright, and colorful. Look at this bowl!

Paisley wallpaper!

Anyway it was a lovely day and now we're looking forward to a weekend full of bike rides!

How was your fouth of July?


  1. New follow - Kathy B.
    Hop over and join me your always Welcome!

  2. That last photo of the Mason Jar vase / flowers is so summer-y to me!

    I found you through Hollie's #FF link up! New follower. :)


  3. Welcome to the west!! I live in Idaho! I need that pig bowl real REAL bad! It belongs in my kitchen. You're a doll. Found you on FF. New follower. Have a looky-lou...if you like you can follow along the farm life. If not, no worries!!
    -karli @

  4. real summer days are the best :)
    just found your blog form hollies FF - excited to be your newest follower!
    ps. i'd love for you to drop by and say hi at

  5. hello mason jars (i'm an addict). found your blog thru #FF :)
    hi from a new follower,



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