Friday, August 9, 2013


So, I would have written sooner if I weren't so sore that I couldn't move. After a few hours of hauling our belongings up to the third floor of our new apartment, we celebrated the end of another move across the country with a victory photo. 

I was too tired to pose for a picture. Though if I had, it would look a lot like the one from our previous move:

Now that all the stuff hauling is complete, we can begin the apartment cleaning and the stuff placing and the town exploring.

Cedric has been resting since his big weekend in Minneapolis.

We took an elevator to the top of the Foshay Tower, which was Minnesota's tallest building in 1929. Now it's a bit overshadowed by all of these buildings.

Here we are with all our pre-move energy. 

Speaking of energy, I'm out of it. Time to say goodnight to the box world.


  1. So, I just happened across your blog (on Shane's Coast to coast link) and was excited to find another blogger from Spokane..... But it only took a second to get shot down as I see you've left! It might not have been your favorite place to live but it looks like you went on some pretty fun adventures while you were here! Good luck with your new job and home!

    1. Hi Kate! Yes, we did had a lot of fun and saw some really great things living in Spokane! What's your blog? For some reason I can't get to it from here.

    2. My blog is


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