Thursday, August 1, 2013

Days Two and Three

This morning I woke up in Minneapolis, and Joe and I drove the blood wagon (see previous post) to Coon Rapids to begin the search for somewhere to live.

But what happened between this and Buffalo, Wyoming? More driving and more beautiful views. More bad food. More music. More fidgeting. More shots of Cedric. Because there isn't much to say, here are some photos of our last two driving days.

Tomorrow we continue the home hunt!
wyomingWind in Minnesotamissourri riverdevils towerwyoming grassMinneapolis
so green!Jalapeno PoopersLunch SpecialCedric's first altoidMy rearviewminnesota
south dakota bridgechamberlain bridgecedric and the missourrichamberlainleaving deadwooddeadwood
on the way to deadwoodend of wyomingsouth dakota!More WyomingDevil's Tower in WyomingWyoming

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