Saturday, April 7, 2012

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck...

when he's running from a girl on a bike?

Is that a woodchuck? His stealthiness made a clear shot impossible.

Today I realized that my recent lack of energy came from lack of motivation, which came from lack of movement, which came from lack of bike. But that's over!

There she is. The wine woodchuck. Purple woodchuck? Niether of those seem right. Bike names need alliteration or rhyme or some kind of whimsy. That's why this picture is distorted--bike world is not the same as on-foot world and it's definitely not the same as outside-your-car-window world.

I biked across the river today, and here is what I saw:

Here's the view from the bridge pictured above. The Spokane River seems to have found some energy too. 

 What a nice sunny start to my Saturday.  I hope you're enjoying yours!

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