Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Friends

Look who we met today. We found him down the seven-mile bike trail that starts near our apartment. He wasn't biking though, just spending some field time with his other pals:



Hey there.

It was a beautiful day for a bike ride. Blue sky! Colorful trees. And a perfect 66 degrees. It could stay that temperature all summer and I'd be happy. 

It turns out Joe and I aren't the most compatible bike partners. He's all about speed and exercise, and I like to focus on what's around me, even if that does mean stopping every twenty feet to take it all in.

As soon as we start, I realize I'll have to pedal pretty steadily to keep up. 

But I get distracted by a flower, or chipmunk, or some moss growing on the side of a rock, and when I look up, he's farther away. 

And then I try to take pictures while pedaling. When I look back to the trail, he's almost out of sight.

By the time I had finished the trail, he had gone up and down it twice.  It's still nice to know he's nearby, even if when I ask him what he thought about the giant hill we passed, he says he didn't see it. Thanks to me he gets to take notice of these things, and thanks to him, I get a little workout when I decide to finally catch up.

Poor Cedric didn't make it. We're going to have to get him a bicycle.  


  1. I like your new friends!

    1. They are pretty nice. A little quiet though. :)


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