Monday, April 9, 2012


Yesterday we met some friends in Couer d'Alene Park, a little chuck of grass and benches and trees (about 2 x 2 blocks) right in Browne's Addition. It's even got a tennis court! 

 Even though it's only about five blocks away, Joe and I rode out bikes.

 We ate food with friends and spent some time with the tall trees.

One of our friends brought power tools!

How else was he going to drain his coconut? He might have also brought champagne.

How else was he going to share his orange juice? I brought my practice batch of sugar cookies.

The sloppiness of these simple tulips tell me I'm not quite ready for the challenge of the gnome cookie cutters my friend gave me. Practice means perfect, and more cookies!

Now it's Monday and Joe's back to campus and I'm back to grading and trying to be productive.

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