Sunday, April 15, 2012

Oh, hello.

How has your week been? Joe and I had a busy one. We saw Susan Orlean and Steve Almond read on Thursday, which was delightful, and funny, and sad, and back to funny all in a couple of hours.

We drank a free glass of whiskey and ate a free slice of pie at a late night reading with ten authors.

We went to a poetry salon.

We taught our classes.

Joe interviewed Susan Orlean for Willow Springs. 

We discovered the perfect burger place (one we have walked by several times): Buffalo burgers! Elk burgers! Duck, and salmon, and turkey, and black bean burgers! A special condiments bar! Their own special french fry sauce! We will be back. And there will be pictures. I've gotten used to looking like a weirdo taking pictures of my french fries.

And now we're trying to use the weekend to catch up. Joe is working on a short story. I'm judging a writing contest for Coeur d'Alene Public Library.

But first a bike ride! Color is slowly working its way back to Spokane.

Cedric clearly does not suffer from pollen allergies. We rode to the park downtown.

Crossed a lot of the bridges. Saw the dam.

The river is pretty energetic these days. Here's a video for the full effect.  

I walked across this bridge to take pictures, but its shaking was a little too much for me. No thank you. 

I couldn't help but picture the dam breaking. 

 Cedric seemed at ease though.

Until the Spokane-River hippo attacked. 

Luckily, Cedric speaks hippo. 

The poor guy couldn't find his way off the bridge.

Cedric brought him back to land, and all was well. "I just always look angry like this," said the hippo. "I can't move my face."

"I know how you feel," said Cedric.

 Then we left town and found a new bike trail.

It ran right through an old farm. What is it about old barns?  Love 'em.

Then we saw these dudes:

That concludes the bike ride. 

Have a good afternoon!


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